Adjust, Adapt, Overcome

Its been a strange few months for everyone.  The hospitality industry has been knocked down but here at No.10 we certainly are not out. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes throughout all of lock down. We’ve adjusted, adapted and overcome to make sure we’re ready to safely welcome you all back with open arms, or in this case extended elbows.

So what exactly have we been doing throughout lock-down? Well firstly we moved one of our managers Jacob into the hotel for around 3 months. He was on site working hard in order to provide our guests with the same high standard service we are known for. Of course to begin with we were only open for essential key workers. Jacob said “It’s been an amazing honor to be able to continue to provide all the amazing key workers, we’ve had stay with us with a little taste of home so they can rest well and continue their life changing work.”

A lot of the team have been waiting patiently at home for the green light which was given not to long ago. As a company we have been able to ensure we have continued to  pay our team with 100% of their wages. So they can worry about how to keep the kids entertained and not about filling their bellies.

A lot like a lot of you, we’ve been decorating. We’ve painted most of our apartments. re-tiled bathrooms, replaced carpets and jet washed. We have also sat down and had countless zoom meetings. Some for sanity most of them for work. We have adjusted and adapted the way we work in order to keep our team and guests safe.

It was difficult to improve on our already very high hygiene standards. But we’ve never been ones to shy away from a challenge. So that’s what we did. Our team have all been retrained and coached into a new way of working. One that doesn’t have any time restraints. Big corporate companies require their teams to clean “rooms” within a matter of minutes. We don’t believe its possible for big corporate company to thoroughly clean any sized “room” in a restricted time frame. We empower our team to take as long as they need to make sure your apartment is to the highest standard possible.

All of our team members have taken COVID-19 training and as a company we have completed the industry standard “We’re good to go”. So guess what that means… yes, we’re good to go. You will see a few changes to our check in process, everything our guests touch during check in is cleaned using sanitizer before and after each use. Including keys and the PDQ machine. We wear masks and gloves as well as using hand sanitizer. For everyone’s peace of mind.

Where a lot of other companies have failed to overcome the challenges thrown at them by COVID. We have stood together (2 meters apart) and overcome everything. It has brought us closer as a team and shaped our business for the better.

In case you haven’t guessed it, we are now OPEN for all guests. It was amazing to welcome back some very much missed faces to the hotel last Saturday. We are all looking forward to seeing you all again very soon. Call us on 0800 246 10 10 or visit our website to make a booking.

Until we see you again keep safe, listen to the government advice and check in on your friends and family.