Does Auto Check In Enhance A Luxury Hotel Guests Experience?

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Does Auto Check In Enhance A Luxury Hotel Guests Experience?

For better or for worse, technology is here to stay. It has intergrated every part of our lives and in many ways has increased everyone’s standard of living. But Does Auto Check In Enhance A Luxury Hotel Guests Experience? When staying at a Luxury Boutique Hotel like No.10 Preston?

Does Auto Check In Enhance A Luxury Hotel Guests Experience?
Technology Help Or Hinder?

Remote check in is a prime example of technology being used in hotels. As a guest you book a room for the night online, you are sent confirmation of the booking and a link to an app. You click the link which takes you to the app store on your mobile and you download the mobile phone app. Through the app you are then able to see when your room is ready, you arrive and check yourself in by clicking a button on the app. Once you’ve checked in you can use the app on your mobile phone to open your room door. No need for a key! You stay the night and then using your app you check yourself out.

There is no denying that this system is convenient but is it luxurious?

For us, an essential part of a luxurious experience is human interaction. Asking you how your journey to the hotel was. Making sure you have someone to help you with your bags to your room. Seeing if you have any special requirements or last minute alterations to make with your booking. These are all parts of the service we like to offer our guests upon check in. similarly, we like to make sure you’ve had a wonderful stay with us when checking out and to see if there’s anything we could improve on. These of course wouldn’t be possible if we don’t meet our guests during their stay!

We Surveyed Our Guests;

Do You Feel Self Check In/Out Is Convenient Or Would You Rather Human Interaction?

                                      Human Interaction: 92%                                              Self Check In/Out: 8%
As we suspected, of the guests we asked, a massive 92% felt that human interaction was a preferred method of checking in and out of a boutique hotel like No.10 Preston. There is a time and a place for self service but it is more fitting for supermarkets and budget hotels that aren’t guest service focused.

Does Auto Check In Enhance A Luxury Hotel Guests Experience?
The Personal Reception

In Conclusion

It would appear that technology like automatic check in does not enhance a guests experience in a Luxury Hotel. We feel that it has it’s place though and although it’s a small percentage some of our guests would still like to see automatic check in as an option. That we feel is the key, not having one option or the other but both.
Technology it would seem is an excellent tool but human interaction will always be the core to excellent service. Offering both options allows guests to enjoy our 1st class customer service whilst auto check in allows guests who simply want to get to their room to do so.

Preston City Centrte Hotel No.10
Preston City Centrte Hotel No.10

Why don’t you come and stay with us here at No.10 Preston and enjoy checking in the traditional way for yourself?

Your Room Awaits You,

Warm Regards,
Ross Taylor
Hotel Manager.