Inside St Wilfrid’s Church Preston City Centre

St Wilfrid's Church Preston City Centre

St Wilfird’s Church in Preston Is a beautiful but not very well known church in Preston less than a minutes walk from No.10 Preston Boutique Hotel.  We have taken a tour of this beautiful and historic church that so many people walk past everyday and don’t even notice. The History Of St Wilfird’s Church The […]

Inside St Joseph’s Orphanage Preston

Inside St Joseph's Orphanage Preston

St Joseph’s Orphanage Preston is a historic land mark in Preston located around the corner from No.10 Preston. We recently took a tour of the buildings and were amazed and sadened in equal measure. Today we look at the history of this beauiftul but distressed building on Theatre Street, Preston.   The History Of St […]

No.10 Preston Your Putting Grass Where?!

No.10 Preston

At No.10 Preston We Are Proud To Be Different. Nothing Says Different Like Grass On The Ceiling. Why Grass On The Ceiling? This is a question we at No.10 Preston get a lot. We were looking for something that is different to just white paint and the concept grew from there. We felt it was […]

Building A Luxury Hotel In Preston

Hotel In Preston

Have you ever wondered what a Luxury Hotel In Preston looks like before, during and after it is renoavted? Then read on and see the transformation for yourself. Tiffany’s The pictures above show Tiffany’s bathroom before and after renovation. As you can see we had our work cut out! Luckily our team of builders are […]

Celebrate Your Birthday With No.10 Preston Hotel

Birthday With No.10 Preston Hotel

Why Not Make It A Special Day By Celebrating Your Birthday With No.10 Preston Hotel? Book Now. At No.10 Preston you can celebrate a loved ones or your birthday in style with our Birthday Package. Upon making a booking you can simply let us know that you’d like to book a Birthday Package and we […]

Romance Comes To Hotel In Preston No.10

Hotel In Preston

At Hotel In Preston No.10 we believe in Love as it was said in the film The Note Book “The Best Love Is The Kind That Awakens The Soul; That Makes Us Reach For More, That Plants The Fire In Our Hearts And Brings Peace To Our Minds. That’s What I Hope To Give You Forever.” […]

A Week In The Life Of A Luxury Hotel In Preston

Hotel In Preston

One of the great things about running a Hotel In Preston is that every week is different from the last. This week has been no exception. Hotel In Preston We’ve had some really great guests stay with us this week and some challenges. Luckily we have a great team at No.10 Preston, everyone pulled together […]

Writing A Blog For A Luxury Hotel In Preston

Hotel In Preston

No.10 Preston Blogging has become a massive part of online life, No.10 preston Luxury Hotel In Preston but we are also a business. As such we want to reach as many new customers as possible and keep previous guests updated with news and events. Blogging is a great way to achieve both these objectives. Google […]

Finding The Right Staff For A Luxury Hotel

Preston City Centre Hotel No.10 Preston

At No.10 Preston we feel that excellent service is the most important thing we offer our guests. In order to achieve excellent service you first have to have excellent people. We are looking for a new head of house keeping for our hotel. So where do we find the right person for the job? This […]