Building A Luxury Hotel In Preston

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Have you ever wondered what a Luxury Hotel In Preston looks like before, during and after it is renoavted?

Then read on and see the transformation for yourself.

No.10 Luxury Hotel In Preston Before and After
No.10 Luxury Hotel In Preston Before and After


The pictures above show Tiffany’s bathroom before and after renovation. As you can see we had our work cut out! Luckily our team of builders are the best at what they do and we are very happy with the finish.

The tiles on the bathroom floor were imported from Italy and were very expensive but worth the expense we believe as they have a very subtle sparkle that compliment the gold tiles wonderfully. The gold ‘bling’ tiles were a real gamble as it was very hard to judge what they would look like once on the wall. Holding one or two tiles in your hand is very different to having them on three full walls. We also wondered if we should tile the entire room with the gold tiles but are glad we chose to keep them around the bath as we didn’t want to over power anyone staying in Tiffany’s.

No.10 Preston Chelsea Room Before and After
No.10 Preston Chelsea Room Before and After
No.10 Preston The Polo Apartment Before and After.
No.10 Preston The Polo Apartment Before and After.


One of the starkest differences is the picture above which shows The Polo Apartment before and after. As you can see the living room before was very basic but what the picture doesn’t show is the amount of damp that was coming from the chimney stack. The team had to knock all the plaster off and treat the damp before renovation work could even begin.

The paint used in Polo is by Farrow&Ball which is an amazing paint and seems to change colour depending on what time of day it is. We used glass to partition the bathroom from the bedroom, this was something we were sure would look amazing but we were concerned about guests privacy. We looked at a lot of options for this. From glass that frosts at the press of a button. To blinds and curtians. But the electric frosting glass looked misty even when they weren’t turned on, which made them look like they needed cleaning. The Curtains and blinds took away from the whole reason for having the glass in the first place, to create light and space.

Glass Ensuite

We decided after much thought to permanently frost the glass roughly two thirds up. This would allow light into both rooms but would still give users of the bathroom privacy. We feel this is a good compromise and the finished glass looks stunning. Guests nearly always say ‘wow’ when they see the glass ensuites for the first time, which is exactly what you want when staying in a Luxury Hotel In Preston.

Luxury Hotel In Preston
Luxury Hotel In Preston

The Hallway on the third floor was another area of dramatic change. We decided that we would replace the existing balustrade. The whole team looked at many different banisters and balustrades to replace the old one with, from handmade metal ones, to hand carved wooden ones and everything in between. But in the end everyone agreed that we want the create the same effect we did in Polo and 007 and that is a feeling of light and space. The obvious choice then became glass. Again, we are so glad we went with our gut feeling as the final look gives such a feeling of space and light.

The carpet team worked very hard to lay the striped carpet on the stairs. The reason for this is, the lines on every piece all the way down had to line up, which was painstaking work as the stairs turn and turn and turn as you go down each flight. They agreed in the end that the hard work was worth it though as the finished look is beautiful.

Marble Dust

The paint in the corridor is made by a company called MyLands. Their paint is of an excellent quality and this specific paint is made for high traffic areas such as corridors. The amazing thing about this particular paint is that it is mixed with marble dust! It has a slightly grainy feel to the touch, but the marble dust gives the paint incredible durability when dry meaning it is very hard to scuff with a suitcase or similar. Even if a guest does scuff the wall you can wash the mark off without washing the paint off.

We hope you have enjoyed seeing the transformation as much as we did making it. If you would like to know anymore about the work that we carried please don’t hesitate to contact us here or by free phoning: 08002461010. Or if you would like to know anymore about the products we used in our renovation please get in touch.

Better Yet..

Come and stay with us and see No.10 Preston a true Luxury Hotel In Preston for yourself. 


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Hotel Manager.