Christmas At A Hotel In Preston

Christmas at a hotel in Preston

Christmas is a magical time of year..

Christmas at a hotel in Preston
Christmas at a hotel in Preston

It’s a very special time of year, when everyone is wrapped up warm shopping for loved ones, the  decorations are up and the heating is on. At No.10 Preston we truly love Christmas, so e thought we’d have a look at some fun and interesting facts about Christmas, here is our top 5:

  • The first recorded Christmas was 1,681 years ago on December 25th, 336 AD. It was celebrated in Rome. For around the first three hundred years Christians didn’t celebrate birthdays, not even Jesus’! It wasn’t until 336 AD that this changed, although we don’t think it would have been quiet the large celebration it is today. 
  • If you add up all the gifts listed in the Twelve Days of Christmas you would have 364 gifts. Which is equally to all the days in the year except one, Christmas day which you would have left to give the gifts.
  • Christmas is such a special time of year it can even put wars on hold. During Christmas day in 1914 the First World War was put on hold for a Christmas truce in the trenches between the Allied and German forces. During the day gifts were exchanged by the enemies, football was played on ‘no mans land’ and the soldiers even decorated their shelters. It’s just a shame the peace didn’t last longer than a day. 
  • According to some studies you would need to reuse your artificial Christmas tree for over twenty years before it would become more eco friendly than buying a real tree every year.
  • Looking for a free and useful way to recycle your real Christmas Tree? There are Zoos that will take donated Christmas trees to feed the animals in the Zoo!

Did You Know?

To celebrate the time of giving we are giving al guests that stay with us in December a free Molton Brown Bauble.

Molton Brown Bauble
Molton Brown Bauble

These stunning Molton Brown Baubles truly smell like Christmas. They are amazing whether you poor some in your bath or use it as body wash in the shower. Why don’t you come and claim yours at No.10 Preston?

Why don’t you come and take a break from all the madness at No.10 Preston?

Your room awaits..

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