Creating a Valentine’s Day surprise on Fishergate Preston by No.10 Preston


Hotel in Preston
Hotel in Preston

At No.10 Preston we’ve known since we opened that we are very lucky to be located in Preston. One of the reasons we know this is the support and encouragement we have been shown by the amazing people and businesses in Preston. So we decided we need to say a big thank you to Preston and what better day to do that on than on Valentine’s day?

So we began creating a Valentine’s Day surprise on Fishergate Preston. The first thing we knew is that we wanted to make as many people in Preston as possible smile. So we knew whatever we did it had to be big! Being that the event would be on Valentine’s day we also knew it would have to be love based.

Fishergate Preston
Fishergate Preston

After a lot of brain storming at No.10 Preston we decided that we should lay as many large cut out hearts on the floor of Fishergate Preston as we could. After more thought however we realised that there were a lot of problems with this. Firstly, the wind and rain could move the hearts. People could and probably would pick up and take the hearts as a memento. What would the hearts be made off? Would they be environmentally friendly? After more thought we realised the only way around this would be to spray the hearts on the floor.

So the search began..

We needed to find a spray paint that would be temporary and that would be eco-friendly. After a lot of searching we found a chalk based, biodegradable, eco’ friendly spray. We immediately ordered 300 cans and 8 stencils.

This event was never about No.10 Preston, it was about making the people of Preston smile. As such we didn’t want our brand plastered all over the place, we did however want people to know it was us sending the thank you. The hearts need to be just that, red hearts so our logo couldn’t appear in them. So we also ordered 250 heart shaped red balloons with our logo on to tie to objects on Fishergate.

Valentine's Day Hotel In Preston
Valentine’s Day Hotel In Preston

We also wanted to see people’s reactions and what better was to do that than to have to Angels in tuxedos handing out their business cards?

Hotel in Lancashire
Hotel in Lancashire

And Finally..

We had to capture the whole event from setting it up, to recording people’s reactions. We had a professional film crew follow and record the whole event. You can see the amazing result here:

Creating a Valentine’s Day surprise on Fishergate Preston


We hope you smiled..

Warm Regards,

Ross Taylor

Hotel Manager.