What Is Happening In Preston This Summer?

what is happening in Preston this summer?

What Is Happening In Preston This Summer?

The summer is nearly upon us and as it quickly approaches we are taking a look at what is happening in Preston this summer? There are many different events and attractions this year in Preston, listed below is just a short list of some of the things going on.

UCLAN Graduation.

What Is Happening In Preston This Summer?

Congratulations to all the students graduating this year. Between 10th and 14th of July this year graduating students at UCLAN university will be celebrating. The ceremonies will be held at The Guild Hall you will need to register online which you can do by clicking here. Tickets are priced at £9.00 per person.

Here at No.10 Preston we are looking forward to meeting many proud and excited parents. Our Guests are travelling to No.10 Preston from all over the world in order to see their children graduate.

Carnival’s King and Queen Competition

On June 17th between 12 and 4pm Preston comes alive with the sound of Carnival. A King and Queen are crowned every year for the best costumes. There is live music, plenty of colour and dancing and families are most welcome. This is a wonderful day out and something different to experience.

What Is Happening In Preston This Summer?
King and Queen Carnival

As you can see from the picture above, the Carnival’s King and Queen competition is full of colour and dance.

Preston’s Strong Man Competition

On Saturday the 29th of July Preston’s Strong Man Competition is back. This competition is very similar to the World’s Strongest Man programme that’s on TV. The strong man competition sees all of the strongest man in Preston come together to compete. The men lift various objects including tractor tyres and even a car!

What Is Happening In Preston This Summer?
Preston Strongest Man Competition

The above are just a small selection of what is happening in Preston this summer. All of above are being held in Preston’s Flag Market which is a short walk from us here at No.10 Preston. So why not come and stay with us here at No.10 Preston and is explore what Is Happening In Preston This Summer.

We hope to see you soon,

Warm Regards,

Ross Taylor

Hotel Manager