At last! A mini bar You deserve in a hotel in Preston

Hotel in Preston

Hotel in Preston, No.10 Preston has reinvented the mini bar.

At Hotel in Preston, No.10 Preston we don’t do anything the ‘standard way’. From having the very best Hypnos beds and only offering Molton Brown toiletries to our unique themed interior design. We like to look at what has been done before and improve upon it.

Why should the mini bar be any different?

The typical mini bar
The Standard mini bar

The History of the mini bar.

Before we knew how our mini bar would look in the future we needed to know the mini bar’s history.

75 B.C

In 75 B.C an inn keeper in Rome by the name of Hiltonus got fed up of being disturbed though out the night by guests wanting, wine, water and salted nuts. Hiltonus decided to try an experiment, he decided to place small jugs of water and wine and smaller pots of salted nuts in his rooms. The idea was that guests would help themselves to the products in their rooms. Guests were expected to record what they had, had on a slate also left in the room. Hiltonus would the charge the guests the next day based what it said on their slate.

Sadly, this honesty system didn’t work as guests didn’t use the slate, denied having ate anything or even left Hiltonus abusive messages on his slates. The experiment was deemed a failure by Hiltonus and the first mini bars were abandoned. Although the mini bar concept was tried in different forms it isn’t until much later that the mini bar we recognise today appeared again.

The Roman mini bar
The Roman mini bar


In 1570 in Hamburg, Germany a hotelier called Adolphus Kempinski trialed a mini bar in his hotel rooms. Again, too many guests were dishonest, taking products but not paying for them. Adolphus didn’t give in on the idea though. Instead he employed the help of local watch maker Johannes Gluck. Johannes invented the “Honor Bar”, this device trapped the guests hand in a bear type trap if they tried taking any products without inserting a coin into the device first!


The New Mini Bar by No.10 Preston

Hotel in Preston
Hotel in Preston

The first advantage we have at No.10 Preston is that our guests have a lot more space. Each of our apartments are far bigger than the standard four walls of a hotel room. This means that we are not limited by the size or range of products we can offer our guests in their kitchens.

Not limited by space, we then had to decide what we wanted for our guests. We knew what we didn’t want, we didn’t want to offer our guests the typical ‘big name’ brands that you’ll find in hotel chains all over the country. We wanted, where ever possible, locally produced quality products by small, family owned businesses. We believe that if the person selling the products either produced or was close the to the process they will be far more concerned with what goes into making those products and the quality of the ingredients.

So What’s In The Mini Bar?

Joe and Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn.

Absolutely stunning popcorn blended with some delicious and some very unusual flavours. A truly family owned and operated business. All of their ingredients are 100% natural and each pack is vacuum sealed to lock in the stunning flavours. We offer the most popular Salted caramel, Belgium Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Toffee Apple and Cinnamon.

“Guests can enjoy a warm night in on the couch watching Sky movies with popcorn”.

Cocktail Pickers Club.

Jen started The Cocktail Pickers Club when she couldn’t find a good quality pre-mixed cocktail. We are very glad she did. These delicious cocktails are made with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives. This means that you don’t get the chemical, ‘fake’ taste that you get with so many other brands. In fact, they taste just as good as freshly made cocktails you’d buy in a bar. We offer three stunning flavours, Passion fruit and Vodka martini, Strawberry, Rhubarb and Vodka Cosmopolitan and English Country Garden which is a mix of elderflower and Gin.

“using the ice crusher and cocktail set is really fun without all the mess of making a cocktail from scratch”.

The Chocolate Pizza Company.

If you haven’t heard of The Chocolate Pizza Company you’ve been missing out! These delicious handmade mini pizza shaped chocolates are simply delicious. As are the Hot Chocolate sticks. (Simply warm up some milk in your apartment kitchen. Pop your choice of Hot Chocolate stick into the milk and stir!).

Red Bank Cider.

The nectar of the Gods! Lee and his family personally hand pick and then process their apples themselves. They make sure that their cider is more like a fine wine than a cider. It’s also all natural. Did you know that most hangovers are caused by the chemicals added to alcohol drinks? As Red Bank Cider don’t add any chemicals to their natural drinks you don’t get a hangover! This is true, we’ve had the personal pleasure of trying it out!

You’ll find three amazing flavours in your mini bar. Medium which is all natural flavour and can only be described as a stunning apple wine. Strawberry flavour which has all the quality of the Medium but with a natural strawberry twist. Blueberry also has all the flavour of Medium but with a blueberry twist. All three drinks are amazing and even if you don’t usually drink Cider we really think you should try them.

We hope you have enjoyed this blog as much as we did finding and sampling all these amazing products. Why don’t you come and stay with us and try them for yourself?

Your Room Awaits..

Warm Regards,

Ross Taylor

Hotel Manager