How To Create The Concrete Effect Bathroom For Yourself Using Microcrete

His and Hers shower


..Is what every guest says when they see the concrete bathroom in the industrial themed bathroom in the 1760 apartment at No.10 Preston.

As you can see the look is a striking and beautiful one. We are very grateful to everyone at Grey Stone Coatings (Contact details below) for this amazing bathroom.

His and Hers shower
His and Hers power shower

So what is Microcrete?

Microcrete is a polymer resin, it comes in powder form and is mixed with water much like concrete. However unlike concrete, Microcrete is environmentally friendly. The resin can then be laid in a very similar way to plaster. Once set Microcrete is very strong and durable, it is in fact twice as strong as concrete and can handle heavy foot traffic and vehicular traffic too. It is waterproof and mould resistant making it an ideal solution for bathrooms and kitchens.

Microcrete has been used in many European countries for many years. It is particularly popular in Spain. In warmer countries it would make sense that this very durable product that helps keep cool would be used both indoors and out in construction.

Molton Brown In Preston
Molton Brown In Preston

Beautiful and Versatile

As you can see from the picture above Microcrete is very versatile, waterproof, mould proof and can she shaped into almost anything, like the shower shelves above. It can be applied to almost any surface, even straight over existing tiles! However, Medium density boards are preferred and whatever the surface it must be solid (no movement), free from dust, dirt and must be dry. Once set Microcrete is two and half times stronger than concrete and is completely waterproof.

Microcrete close up aged texture
Microcrete close up aged texture

Above you’ll see a close up of the Microcrete wall next to the bathroom mirror. As you can see from this image the Microcrete has been left rough. This is to give the Microcrete a more aged and weathered look. This is a personal preference, you may prefer the polished concrete finish for your project, but our design team felt that a more weathered look was appropriate for an industrial theme.

Hotel near guildhall preston
Microcrete around the mirror

As well as choosing the texture finished from Weathered to the Polished concrete finish. You can also chose how light or dark the finish is. You’ll notice in the picture above that there is a black smoke effect on the walls. This is a wash that is applied to the Microcrete after the Microcrete is dry. Again with an industrial themed apartment our design team felt that this was the best finish for our theme and we hope you agree.

Hotel Preston Lancashire
Hotel Preston Lancashire

Don’t like the darker concrete look? No Problem..

Below are some examples of the Microcrete floors and walls that Grey Stone Coatings have done..


Concrete Seat and Concrete floor

From Light concrete seats, to tan concrete effect floors, there really is a finish for every design concept.

Concrete reception desk

The light concrete effect reception desk looks great against the wood. The Brown smoked effect ceiling looks great in this Turkish restaurant.

Polished Concrete Floor
Polished Concrete Floor

Are you interested in using Microcrete in your next project?

Be it at work or for home we strongly recommend you consider this versatile, practical and beautiful finish. We also recommend you get a quote from Grey Stone Coverings by clicking here. They are very experienced in Microcrete, so much so they train other companies how to use it and they are very reasonably priced.

Please feel free to pop in any time to have a look at The 1760 Indusrial apartment for yourself. Even better yet why not come and stay?

Your Room Awaits…

Warm regards,

Ross Taylor

Hotel Manager.

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