It’s been snowing in Preston what an amazing time of year!

Snowing in Preston

Preston is an amazing city and Christmas is a magical time of year. 

Snowing in Preston
Snowing at No.10 Preston

The Most Realistic Look Possible. 

To celebrate this magical time of year at No.10 Preston we decided what better way than to make it snow in Preston. Using the same machines used in films such as Gladiator, Star Wars and Bridget Jones’ Diary we wanted to create the most realistic look possible.

Snowing in Preston
Snowing in Preston

Expectations were high from the people of Preston because they know No.10 Preston does things properly, like the now famous Love hearts on Valentines day. Thanks to all the hard work of the team at No.10 Preston we needn’t of worried, the final effect was truly amazing and reports of it snowing in Preston were coming in from all over.

Snowing at Preston Hotel
Snowing at Preston Hotel

Did You See The Snow? What Did You Think?

We hope you got to see the snow and enjoyed it as much as we did if you did see it. We can’t wait to see what we’ll be doing for next Christmas, plans are underway already! Until then we wish everyone in Preston a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

To see a video of the snow in action, just click below;

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