Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

In case you haven’t seen it yet, No.10 Preston has got snow! We spoke to the big man him self, a.k.a Santa and arranged for it to snow throughout December. He gifted us some of his magic and made our dreams come true. You can thank him in person on the 21/12/19 when you book to see the real Santa at No.10 Preston.
Santa comes to Preston
For all the none believers among you the snow isn’t actually real. But its the closest thing to the real stuff its self. Its pumped off the roof of No.10 Preston hotel during the day coating theatre street and when the wind allows it, its blown onto Fishergate.  Its completely safe and none slip. The snow (foam) is biodegradable and safe for the environment.
Although we cant guarantee what time it will start and stop snowing each day (we are good, but we cant work miracles) we can guarantee that your kids will love it.
Already, families and friends have been flocking to No.10 Preston to see the snow for themselves and spend some time playing in it. Please feel free to bring your family to have a look and play in the snow. You might not get a chance to play in the real stuff this year.
Keep an eye out for the banner that will be going up this week and use the hashtag #No10PrestonSnow for all of your selfies on our Instagram page.
Don’t forget to keep safe while playing in the snow as we don’t want anyone to have to spend Christmas away from home.
Hopefully we will see you all soon outside the hotel playing in our snow or feel free to book a room with us and enjoy the view from the warmth of you apartment.
Merry Christmas from everyone here at No.10 Preston.