Meet the team at No.10 Preston Chantelle Kilpatrick

Chantelle is Poison Ivy at No.10 Preston Hotel

Have you ever wondered who is behind the amazing No.10 Preston Hotel?

This week we will be introducing each of the members of the team that work so hard to make No.10 Preston the special place it is. Below you’ll see some answers to a list of questions asked of each team member.

This week we meet Chantelle Kilpatrick:

Chantelle Kilpatrick at No.10 Preston Hotel
Chantelle Kilpatrick at No.10 Preston Hotel

Chantelle is one the key members of our house keeping team. Making sure our guests apartments are always immaculately clean. Each of our hotel apartments at No.10 Preston hotel are unique and stunning. The one thing they all have in common is that they are always spotless. The importance of cleanliness in the hotel industry can’t be over stated and thus Chantelle’s position is equally important.

Chantelle No.10 Preston Hotel
Chantelle No.10 Preston Hotel

Chantelle loves nothing more than teasing (in good nature) the rest of the team at No.10 Preston. She is always making everyone else laugh with her wicked sense of humor. Like our other housekeepers though Chantelle takes her job very seriously and understands how important it is, after all you never know when Tom Hardy might check in!

Quick Fire Questions:

Q. If you won the lottery What’s the first thing you’d buy?

A. I would buy Disney Land Tickets.

Q. What’s your hobby or what do you enjoy doing out of work?

A. I enjoy spending time with my beautiful children.

Q. Which is your favorite No.10 Preston Apartment and why?

A. The Hunt, it has a lovely cosy and homely feel about it.

Q. If you could max out a credit card in any store which would it be?

A.Dunelm or Debenhams.

Q. Where’s your favorite place to go in Preston (other than No.10 Preston!) and why?

A. Haslam park because it’s beautiful and usually quiet.

Q. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you take?

A. America and I would take Lacey-Emily and Cole my children.

Q. If you could have any three people to diner (dead or alive) who would you have?

A. Tom Hardy, Plan B and Tony Bellew

Q. What’s the best thing about working at No.10 Preston?

A. It’s a lovely place to work, fantastic management, I feel appreciated, it’s the best place I’ve ever worked.

Q. If you could be any superhero which one would be and why?

A. Poison Ivy so then maybe I’ll be able to keep a plant alive!

Chantelle is Poison Ivy at No.10 Preston Hotel
Chantelle is Poison Ivy at No.10 Preston Hotel


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