Meet the team at No.10 Preston Sam Wilkins

Sam Wilkins is Wonder women at No.10 Preston Hotel

Have you ever wondered who is behind the amazing No.10 Preston Hotel?

This week we will be introducing each of the members of the team that work so hard to make No.10 Preston the special place it is. Below you’ll see some answers to a list of questions asked of each team member.

This week we meet Sam Wilkins:

Sam Wilkins No.10 Preston
Sam Wilkins No.10 Preston

Sam is a key member of our house keeping team. She has worked in the hospitality industry for many years and so has a lot of experience. Sam works very hard indeed and is very¬†conscientious. She won’t leave until her job is done and done right, she is very proactive indeed. Sam has an excellent sense of humor she takes her work but not herself too seriously which is a rare quality.

Sam Wilkins No.10 Preston Lancashire
Sam Wilkins No.10 Preston Lancashire


Cleanliness is such an important part of the experience we offer our guests. You can have the most amazing accommodation in the world, but if it’s not immaculate, it doesn’t matter how nice it is. We are very lucky to have such a hard working, honest and genuine person in our family. Now it’s time for Sam’s questions..

Quick Fire Questions:

Q. If you won the lottery What’s the first thing you’d buy?

A. A family home.

Q. What’s your hobby or what do you enjoy doing out of work?

A. I enjoy nice long walks in the

Q. Which is your favorite No.10 Preston Apartment and why?

A. Fairy tale is favorite apartment because it’s so pretty and spacious.

Q. If you could max out a credit card in any store which would it be?

A.Tkmaxx or Oak Furniture Land to fill the house I bought when I won the lottery.

Q. Where’s your favorite place to go in Preston (other than No.10 Preston!) and why?

A. Fishwick nature reserve, it’s so quiet and peaceful.

Q. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you take?

A. I would go to Goa, I would take my boyfriend.

Q. If you could have any three people to diner (dead or alive) who would you have?

A. Zoory Dechannel, DJ Khaled and Will Farrell.

Q. What’s the best thing about working at No.10 Preston?

A. I love working at No.10 Preston it’s easliy the best place I have ever worked. Being appreciated for the work you do and the whole team get on so well. I feel secure in my job.

Q. If you could be any superhero which one would be and why?

A. Wonder Women, she’s strong, independent and can fly!! (Also I love her costume!).

Sam Wilkins is Wonder women at No.10 Preston Hotel
Sam Wilkins is Wonder women at No.10 Preston Hotel

Who are we meeting next?

Chantelle Kilpatrick..

Chantelle Kilpatrick.
Chantelle Kilpatrick.



Why don’t you come and meet the team in person?

Your room awaits..

Warm Regards.

Ross Taylor

No.10 Preston

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