Being The Newest Hotel In Preston

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No.10 Preston Is The Newest Hotel In Preston

Today we look at some of the benefits and challenges of being the newest hotel in Preston.


Being the latest ‘thing’ in any industry comes with huge benefits and some big challenges. The hotel industry is no different. No.10 Preston is the newest hotel in Preston and today we are going to take a look at some of those benefits and challenges.

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Picture Of A New Baby
Being New Is Fun But Hard Work

The Benefits

There are of course some obvious benefits with being the newest hotel in Preston. Like the fact that our apartments are brand new! Everyone loves brand new, from a brand new car to a brand new mobile. There is nothing quiet like that brand new feeling. The fresh Farrow and Ball paint and The Brand New Hypnos Mattresses (officially the most comfortable beds in the world) are just two of the things that are never better than when they are brand new.

Being new also creates excitement, humans are very inquisitive beings and want to see and experience the newest thing. This means that everyone wants to know about No.10 Preston, people love looking around, telling their friends about No.10 Preston and seeing the apartments.

So What?

Being new means that we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work in other luxury hotels. We’ve taken the best bits from luxury hotels all over the country and the world and implemented the newest technologies, the best design and layout. This isn’t just a throw away comment, we really searched far and wide and saw what other really luxurious hotels were doing and either did something very similar or in a lot of cases went one better.

Most hotels, even “Luxury” hotels tend to think (sometimes unconsciously) “What can we get away with and still call ourselves Luxury?”. For example, there are some very good trade paints, a lot of hotels especially “Luxury” hotels use some very good quality trade paints. But even the very best trade paints are simply not as good as Farrow and Ball.


Farrow and Ball use a mixture of chalk, china clay and titanium dioxide for their base. They then add the deepest and only the best quality colour pigments. They put every single tin of paint through several tests to make sure every tin of paint is perfect and the colour is consistent. So if Farrow and Ball is one of if not the best quality paint in the world why don’t any other hotels that we could find use it? Put simply, because it’s a lot more expensive and most hotel operators believe guests either won’t notice or appreciate the difference. This not how we operate.

The Challenges


The Challenges
The Challenges


Being the newest hotel in Preston isn’t all fun and excitement however. There are challenges to opening and running a brand new hotel.  

Nearly all hotels in the world rely heavily on repeat bookings and returning guests. As a brand new hotel opening we didn’t have any repeat bookings and we’d never had a guest before! This was a concern of ours as we appreciate how important repeat custom is. Now that we have been open for eight weeks we know that we needn’t have worried, we have had many repeat customers since week two of opening. This is not all down to luck though, guests have truly appreciated the finish of or apartments as our reviews show.

Nobody had ever heard of us before.

Until we were close to opening nobody had ever heard of us and many people still haven’t (yet). Of course we advertised and used social media to let people know No.10 Preston was opening. But even this proved a challenge. Being our first hotel, a relatively new concept and being so unique meant that pictures like the one below would be essential to our advertising success.  Until the hotel was finished we didn’t have any pictures to advertise. We could talk all we wanted about how nice the hotel was going to be, but talk is just talk and a picture says a thousand words.

Hotel In Preston
Hotel In Preston

It’s All Too Good To Be True.

Being new also meant that we had no reviews of course. People are looking at beautiful pictures of No.10 Preston from hundreds and sometimes thousands of mile away. It’s a big commitment to make, to book a hotel that you have never seen in person before that has no guest reviews. Imagine arriving at your hotel for the first time at 2am after travelling for hours only to find it isn’t what you expected. Luckily some people did take that leap of faith and stayed with us. After staying with us they left feedback on our Facebook page, and on . Other guests could then book with confidence. We’ve had guests tell us when checking out that they were worried on the way to the hotel that it seemed too good to be true!

Next time your in Preston why don’t you come and stay in the newest hotel?

Your Room Awaits You,

Warm Regards,

Ross Taylor

Hotel Manager