No.10 Preston City Centre Hotel

No.10 Preston City Centre

No.10 Preston City Centre Hotel.

There are many things to consider when opening a new ApartHotel. One of which is the name of the Hotel. We considered many different names that would reflect exactly what we have to offer. Truly luxurious spaces, with excellent guest service that exceeds our guests expectations for a price that you might pay for a ‘budget’ hotel room. As you can imagine finding a name that reflects all this is not easy!

No.10 Preston City Centre Hotel
No.10 Preston City Centre Hotel

So after much thought we decided to use the number of the building for the name of the hotel. Although some may say this is an easy way out of a tough decision, we felt that given the prestige of No.10 we feel it is a very good choice. When considering No.10 Downing street people imagine the best quality furnishings, the prestige of the building and the incredible people who have visited. This is exactly how we feel about No.10 Preston City Centre Hotel.

Designing The Door

As an acknowledgment of the original No.10, the design team decided to recreate the famous front door. After studying many pictures, videos and a visit to the door itself work began creating an exact replica of the No.10 Door. Firstly our master carpenters built the door by hand to the exact scale of the No.10 door, although our door is a little smaller than the original, the proportions are identical. The design team then researched the paint used on the original door. A company called MyLands Paint are the paint suppler and have been established since 1884, so it’s fair to say they know a thing or two about paint! The name of the model of paint is of course called No.10.

No.10 Preston City Centre Hotel
No.10 Preston City Centre Hotel


Finding the maker of the door furniture was a little trickier. However, after a great deal of research we managed to find a small family ironmongers. The family have been supplying the door furniture to No.10 for over one hundred years. After some negotiating they kindly agreed to supply us with a set they had spare for No.10. Many people believe the lions head knocker is brass in colour but in reality it is black.

Did You know These Facts About The No.10 Front Door?

  • It’s no longer made of wood but for security is now mostly metal?

    It hasn’t always been black, for a time it was actually dark green.

    It can’t be opened from the outside, it is opened by guard twenty four hours a day from the inside.

    Just like our door, the letter box is not real, it is fixed in place.

Come and stay with us here at No.10 Preston and experience a unique and luxurious experience for yourself,

Warm Regards,

Ross Taylor

Hotel Manager.