Opening A Luxury Hotel In Preston No.10 Preston

Opening a Luxury Hotel, what does it take?

Now that No.10 Preston is open a lot of our guests have asked us what it takes to open a Luxury Hotel. The first thing to consider is that in our opinion the word ‘Luxury’ gets used far too often, it’s used to describe products, services and hotels that are anything but luxurious. Of course this can be subjective and there different levels of Luxury but we believe that there are certain things that are a must if your going to open a Luxury hotel.

The first must do are the fixtures and fittings, no expense can be spared in this area, from light switches and door handles to tiles and carpet these are the things that guests hold, walk on and physically experience whilst staying. The tiles in the 007 room for example were made and hand decorated in Italy and then imported, expensive? Yes, but most definitely luxury! The same applies to a lot of other things to such as the bed. In our opinion the most important single thing is the bed, it is after all why the guest is staying with us and where most of their time will be spent. This is why all of our beds are from Hypnos, officially the most comfortable beds in the world. Our real Egyptian cotton sheets are six hundred thread count, this is far more expensive than the standard four hundred thread count and is also higher maintenance for our house keeping but the difference in feel is significantly more luxurious with six hundred thread count so we use it.

The second must do is the decoration of the hotel. Paint and colour are essential, getting the colours right in the right space is essential to make sure spaces don’t feel cold or small. Once you have decided on the colour scheme choosing a paint that reflects the quality of the hotel is essential. We use Farrow and Ball which is far superior to other paints for colour choice and the way the paint reflects different light at different times of day is worth the expense to give the luxury look.

The third must do and equally important to the first two is service. You can have the best fixtures and fittings in the world, the right colour schemes and a truly luxurious look but if you aren’t giving your guests a truly luxurious service then everything else is for naught. That is why at No.10 Preston we do everything we can to make sure our guests are looked after, whether it’s local knowledge, getting reservations or tickets, supplying forgotten items such as phone chargers, we do what it takes to make our guests stays as luxurious as possible.


Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, if you have any questions or would like to experience real Luxury then get in touch by clicking here.