Running A Boutiqe Hotel Is Bigger Better?

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Running A Boutiqe Hotel Is Bigger Better?

When Running A Boutiqe Hotel Is Bigger Better? According to Wikipedia a boutiqe hotel is a small hotel bewteen 10 and 100 rooms. We don’t feel that a hotel with one hundred bedrooms is that small. Regarless we wondered what are the benefits and challanges of running a luxury boutiqe hotel on the smaller end of the scale?

Preston City Centre Hotel
Small Boutiqe Hotel

The Benefits

The first and we feel the most significant benefit is the level of service we can offer our guests. It is almost impossible for a large hotel to offer the personal level of service a smaller hotel can. You can imagine that if a large hotel has fifty guests checking in at around the same time and wanted to dedicate only five minutes to making sure each guest has everything they need it would take the hotel four hours to check them all in!

Being smaller means that we can dedicate more time not only to our guests directly but to tasks that make our guests stay more luxurious. With having less guests we’re able to dedicate more time to each. As with time the same can be said for budgets. If a larger hotel has one hundred bedrooms and a decorating budget of £100,000.00 that allows only £1000.00 to decorate each bedroom. A smaller hotel with only twenty bedrooms and the same budget has £5,000.00 to decorate each room. Having five times the budget generally means the rooms in the smaller hotel are five times more luxurious.

Running A Boutiqe Hotel Is Bigger Better?
The Big Hotel

The Challanges

Being a smaller Boutique hotel does have some challenges. The first being that our marketing budget is smaller. We rely predominantly on word of mouth. This of course is the most powerful form of advertising as new guests usually stay with us after a personal recommendation from a friend. We very much appreciate this powerful and kind form of advertising but it is limited in reach a larger audience. Where as the larger hotel chains have celebrity TV adverts, radio adverts and whole teams of people working on social media.

We can only accomidate so many guests. There is nothing worse than having to tell potential guests who try to book with us that they can’t becaue we are full. Being smaller obviously means that we can accomidate fewer guests than the larger hotels. We’d like to be able to offer as many people as possible the best stay whilst they’re in Preston. Sadly more often than not we are fully booked and guests have to stay with less luxurious hotels. This is probably the most furstrating part of running a smaller boutiqe hotel.

Why don’t you come and stay with us here at No.10 Preston and experience a smaller boutique hotel for yourself, but don’t forget to book in advance!

Warm Regards,

Ross Taylor

Hotel Manager.