Running A Preston City Centre Luxury Hotel

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Running A Preston City Centre Luxury Hotel

As with running any business Running A Preston City Centre Luxury Hotel comes with many rewards but there are also many different challenges. From brand new cookers that decide they’d rather not work to guests requesting our Romance Package 15 minutes before their partner is arriving at the hotel. Today we look at a few of the most recent challenges we’ve had to face and the rewards for overcoming them.

No.10 Preston

It is 8.15am and a guest calls down to reception to let us know their cooker isn’t working. This is a real issue. There are eight hungry guests and one very sweet two year old guest in the apartment waiting to cook breakfast. The cooker, as with the entire Hotel is only three weeks old. So what to do? We called maintenance but they wouldn’t be able to attend for twenty five minutes. That’s fast, but still isn’t good enough as our guests are hungry now! So we called our partner restaurant Moka and booked our guests a table for a fully complimentary breakfast. Less than two minutes later the guests are sat at their table about to enjoy an excellent breakfast, they haven’t even had to cook. Suffice to say everyone was happy and the gratitude shown by the guests was all the reward we needed.

The Result, The Difference Between A Guest And A Customer.

Whilst the family enjoyed their breakfast, maintenance found the fault with the cooker and everything was sorted. We don’t believe there are many hotels that would have solved the challenge like this. However at No.10 Preston we see our guests as exactly that, guests. Most hotels call their guests, guests but they really consider them and treat them like customers. There is a massive difference between the two. A customer is generally someone who buys an item or a service from a business once and the relationship ends. A guest on the other hand is always welcome and will often stay many times in their life time. As such we treat all our guests accordingly, building long term relationships through offering luxury spaces and 1st class service.

Preston Luxury Hotel
The Romance Package

Our Romance Package

Running A Preston City Centre Luxury Hotel means that we offer guests more than just a ‘room for the night’. Our Birthday and Romance packages are an example of this. Usually guests will book one of our special packages when booking their apartment with us. However occasionally we do get some last minute requests. The shortest last minute request was from a recent guest who had arrived with us before her husband and asked if we could setup the Romance Package before his arrival, in 15 minutes! Luckily house keeping always have everything in stock and we were able to put the Champagne on ice, get the candles and rose petals setup around the bath, the mood lighting set and the chocolates in place just in time. Both guests were very happy with their Romance Package, so much so they wrote us the most wonderful thank you letter afterwards.

Why don’t you come and have a very special night or weekend with us here at No.10 Preston and experience 1st Class service for yourself?

Warm regards,

Ross Taylor

Hotel Manager