The Industrial Revolution In Preston Is Alive And Luxurious.

Concrete Bathroom

Work On Phase 2 Of No.10 Preston Continues..

As everyone is aware No.10 Preston is expanding. Phase 2 will be open from November 1st this year. Each of our apartments are unique, ranging from The Hunt to FairyTale. One of the brand new apartments opening November 1st is 1760.

This industrial themed apartment will have two large bedrooms, each with a King Size Hypnos Bed (officially the most comfortable beds in the world). There is also a King Size Hypnos Sofa Bed in the living room so this stunning apartment can comfortably accommodate up to six adults and two children.

Why 1760?

1760 is the year that most historians agree the industrial revolution started. We felt this was a perfect name for an industrial style apartment.

Industrial Apartment In Preston Hotel No.10
Industrial Apartment In Preston Hotel No.10

So what makes a Brand New industrial apartment? We are looking to use a relatively new system called microcreet. This amazing stuff is a bit like plaster but leaves a look of real concrete and is over two times stronger than real concrete.

The walls have to be brick to get the desired effect. This is achieved with ‘brick slips’. These are real bricks but are smooth on the backside life a tile. Unlike a real brick they are only an inch or so thick. They are applied with mortar just like real bricks but against an existing wall rather than one on top of each other.

Concrete Bathroom
Concrete Bathroom

Above is a picture of what the bathroom in 1760 may look like.

The Industrial Revolution In Preston.

As you may know Preston and Lancashire as a whole played a large part in the industrial revolution in Britain. What you may not know is the reason for this. A large part of the reason is a man called Sir Richard Arkwright who was born in Preston in 1732. Sir Richard was an inventor and entrepreneur. He invented the spinning frame which made spinning thread or yarn from fibers such as wool much faster as it was previously done by hand. He then went on to invent the water frame (see picture below) which was a spinning frame that was automated by water power and made the whole process even more efficient.

A picture of a water frame
A Water Frame

Sir Richard made a substantial positive impact on the industrial revolution in Preston and on the UK as a whole, taking Preston from a small Market town to a much larger industrial one. We like to think that the 1760 apartment at No.10 Preston honors Sir Richard and that he would be booking to stay if he were alive today.

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