The Real Father Christmas has been again to No.10 Preston Hotel.

Santa at No.10 Preston

It’s his busiest time of year but Santa always make time to Visit No.10 Preston Hotel. 

Santa at No.10 Preston
Santa at No.10 Preston

Yesterday was amazing for everyone visiting No.10 Preston.

Despite how busy the real Father Christmas is at this time of year, he always kindly found time to visit No.10 Preston. This year was the best year yet. Not only did we have the snow falling heavily outside the hotel but we had the real Father Christmas visit all the girls and boys.

Father Christmas at No.10 Preston
Father Christmas at No.10 Preston

Father Christmas is too busy!

Sadly the Real Father Christmas could only stay with us from 2pm until 4pm as he simply had to get ba

ck the North Pole. However due to the massive demand we’ve had this year, next year we will be asking Santa if he can come and see us from 12am until 4pm.

We hope you get everything you asked for from Santa this year. We’d also like to wish everyone a Very Happy Christmas!

Why not come and have a truly magical Christmas or New Year yourself?

Kind Regards,

Ross Taylor

Hotel Manager.

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