What can we do to help our local businesses?

No.10 Preston is a small family run apart-hotel. As a local business this is what we do to help support other local businesses in our community. We’re also going to give you some hints and tips for things you can do to support your local businesses.

No.10 Preston logo
No.10 Preston Logo #localbusinesses

We have cut down using our usual corporate suppliers for some of our everyday essentials even more than before. Such as fresh fruit. We now support our local market buy purchasing our fruit from there.  The fruit and veg selection is a staple in all markets, its a part of our history of our culture and lets face it you cant get much fresher. This is why we have chosen to get our fruit supplies from them.


We are currently in the process of setting up an account with a local dairy farm. Using a local dairy farm has a few benefits and is something you can do at home. No need to go out. You can get fresh milk, eggs and juice delivered right to your door. No need in social interaction. A great idea for those of us that are vulnerable but still in need of a cuppa. Also just think of the amount of jobs it would keep and generate if everyone started using this. This is a great opportunity to give back to the community.


As always we are suggesting our guests dine at local businesses such as Fino Tapas, MOKA and 263 rather than big restaurant chains. Family run businesses are more likely to uphold more vigorous cleaning standards. This is because for a lot of local business its peoples livelihoods and lives work on the line. Local bakeries are likely to have fresh bread which will last longer. A lot of small businesses have now started doing a delivery service in order to reduce human contact.

263 Resturant
Delicious local food at 263

We are also offering a discounted stay to anyone that needs to travel to support vulnerable friends or family and unable to access their house. Reducing social contact where possible is important but a lot of people are to high risk to leave their home or have someone in their home. We are going to stay open as long as possible to allow people the opportunity to travel if needed to support loved ones.


Making a few small changes to the way we are planning to ride this out can massively help shape the way Preston will look once all of this has blown over. Do what you can and most importantly stay safe doing so. Wash your hands and stop buying toilet paper.



We’re trying to do our bit. What are you doing?