“What’s Cookin’, Good lookin'”

This week we’ve been very busy cooking up a storm at No.10 Preston.

After some recent feedback we wanted to do some research into just how functional our apartment kitchenettes are. So after a meeting with the team talking a lot about food, we all left feeling hungry with determination to prove to the world exactly what can be cooked and prepared in our apartments. We came up with the idea to leave it to someone who knows what they’re doing in a kitchen. (I’ve been to some of the teams house for tea and it wasn’t that great)

We asked families, friends and passers by in the street to see if anyone was up to the challenge. Then we found Katie Saul. Katie was challenged to cook two meals. One comfort meal and one summer dish with a budget of £20. Katie opted for a “mama’s style Spag Bol” and a pan fried Salmon with Mexican rice and salad. Katie said “I cook these dishes regularly at home so I’ll be able to tell how easy it will be in a hotel apartment”

We went shopping at our local Sainsbury’s and our much Loved Preston Market. Got Katie’s Ingredient list coming in at £19.69 (just under budget) and began to work. We showed her into the apartment which she would be cooking in and left her to do her thing. First off she cooked the “Mama’s style spag Bol” the ingredients consisted of;

A pack of spaghetti pasta, 3 Garlic Gloves, 1 Large Onion, a standard pack of beef mince, a handful of fresh tomatoes, a tin of chopped tomatoes, half a pack of button mushrooms, a table spoon of red pesto, a good squeeze of tomato puree, salt and pepper (for taste), worcestershire sauce, a pinch of fresh basil and to everyone’s surprise MARMITE! You read that right Marmite.

Brown the mince and sweat off the onions with the garlic. Add the mushrooms and fresh tomato and sweat a little. Add your tin of tomatoes with a splash of  worcestershire sauce, tomato puree, pesto, basil and marmite. leave it to simmer. Taste, season and your good to go.

We began to doubt Katie’s cooking ability when we saw the marmite going in. You know what they say…. You either love it or you hate it, well…  That was until the most amazing smell started to drift from where she was cooking. It wasn’t long until the Housekeeping team had come to investigate where the yummy smell was coming from. We then found we had a mini hunger strike on our hands. As some of regular guests started to join in with the team it was time to dish up.

Silence fell upon the room as everyone started to dig in. Our regular guests later asked us for the recipe and explained to us that they had been dying for some home style cooking and what they had really hit the spot.  In case that wasn’t enough to convince you it was possible to cook an amazing meal from inside our apartment Katie quickly got to work with her next dish. Pan fired Salmon with Mexican rice and salad. It didn’t take long for the team to come back but they couldn’t pull the hunger strike excuse this time.

This dish consisted of A pan fried salmon, a pack of Uncle Ben’s Mexican rice with added spring onions and peppers. All served with a fresh salad. Katie said “I’m not a chef but I enjoy cooking at home. This was just as easy as cooking at home just without my spacious kitchen and my own pans”.

Katie single-handedly proved to us all that not only can you cook in our apartments but you can cook really well and with ease. So there you have it and It doesn’t stop there. You can cook Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner in our apartments. It would be very interesting to see pictures of the things your cooking up in the hotel. Use the #No10PrestonChef with your pictures. For more details on the recipe or to book one of our apartments feel free to call us on 0800 246 10 10 or go to our website https://app.thebookingfactory.com/no-10-preston/book/#/

Lastly a big massive foodie thank you to Katie Saul for helping us cook up a storm and prove you CAN cook at No.10 Preston.